We are two friends with a mutual interest for entrepreneurship and interior design. One of us is a trained clinician, and the other is a business powerhouse. 


We identified a need for an interior designer-inspired space offering exemplary care in the healthcare industry. Our vision is to provide high quality health in an elevated environment that is accessible to all populations. 

Co-Founder, Clinic Manager & Marketing Specialist


Sylvonna is visionary, action- & detail-oriented. She is the mastermind behind every detail at the clinic, from the light fixtures to the glass of fruit water. She welcomes any suggestions and feedback. She will love to chat!

Sylvonna Chen is a Marketing Specialist with an extensive background in Customer Care Management. She is interested in optimizing client experience at The Spruce Health & Wellness. Her mission is to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience unsurpassed in the healthcare industry. 


Co-Founder, Clinic Director & Registered Physiotherapist

Her core belief is that a movement problem is the underlying cause for physical pains. In order to fix a movement problem, physiotherapy treatment must focus on movement techniques.This is why The Spruce Health & Wellness principally uses hands-on, active therapy. 

Nancy is an experienced clinician in private and public healthcare across the Greater Toronto Area. She continues to advocate for high quality, one-on-one physiotherapy services in the private and public healthcare industry.

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