Direct Billing is a free service we provide to save you time! Many of our services are covered by most extended health insurance companies and plans provided by your employer. We accept most Worker's Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) cases. We are not funded by OHIP.



Most employers provide Extended Health Insurance (EHI) for our services. All EHI plans are different. You, as the policy holder, are responsible for knowing the details of your plan's coverage. We cannot contact your insurance provider to collect such information. Please contact your insurance provider directly for the most accuracy.


We direct bill for the insured member and secondary plans (ie. spouse, dependents) where allowable for most insurance providers. This includes Sunlife, Manulife, Greenshield, Canada Life, Empire Life, Blue Cross & more!

Availability of direct billing is dependent on your specific plan and service availability at the time of billing, and is not guaranteed. Ultimately, you are responsible for the coverage of the service rendered.  

Where a balance is due after direct billing or not applicable, you are responsible for paying the difference or full payment respectively. For the latter, we will provide you with an invoice/receipt, but you will have to submit the claim yourself. You will be reimbursed by your plan provider(s); amount dependent on your specific plan. 

You do not need a physician's requisition to access our services. However, a doctor's referral or updated letter may be needed to access your benefits. Please contact your insurance provider directly for the most accuracy.


We do not accept OHIP patients. Please contact your physician for access to OHIP-funded physiotherapy. Click here to find an eligible clinic near you.