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Our model of care is based on three pillars, MINIMAL, ESSENTIAL, & SUSTAINABLE

Hands-On Therapy

We use a state-of-the-art technology for assessment, our brain. We use one main set of tools for treatment, our hands. We limit electrical modalities only when requested or adds value. 

Movement is the Answer

Our treatment approach is simple, but it works. Movement disorder is the basis for physical pain. As we move better, the pain goes away. All treatment plans are based off this one simple principle. 


One-On-One Care

You value time; so do we. We see one patient at a time. On your first visit, we’ll identify your priority & goals, diagnose & analyze the problem, and start treatment immediately. Treatment frequency is based on professional experience & scientific evidence. We'll never recommend beyond that is necessary.


Sustainable Business 

We don’t claim to be zero-waste, but we promise each day to continue to operate as close as we can. We want to showcase our message to live more sustainably through our houseplant shop & refillery.

Personalized Boutique Care

You are different from everyone around you; your treatment should be too. Each treatment is 100% unique and created just for you. Our wide range of services promote a complete continuity of care. 

Paperless Practice

All forms will be sent to your email before your first visit. We offer direct billing & emailed receipts. If a hard copy is needed, just ask! We welcome your suggestions on how we can operate more sustainably!

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