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Massage Therapy is the manipulation of tissue, with the aim to decrease stress and optimize health.

Massage Therapists are regulated healthcare professionals registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario who relieve pain, in addition to preventing, treating and maintaining tissue and joint health.

They can help you achieve a feeling of deep relaxation, prompting the release of endorphins while reducing your stress hormones. Studies show high levels of stress can impact your immune system.



Jordaine has an impressive resume in movement sciences through a range of theoretical and practical training. His focus is to treat and prevent physical dysfunction of pain through myofascial techniques. Jordaine is a firm believer in tailoring and individualizing treatments plans. He understands that each patient has a personal vision and journey of how they want their bodies to look, feel, and function.

In 2015, he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics from University of Guelph.

Afterwards, he began his employment as a fitness professional where he worked with clients individually and in groups.

In 2017, he earned a certificate in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management from Humber College. He worked as a Registered Kinesiologist at various clinics to help his clients maintain, rehabilitate and increase movement through therapeutic exercises.

In 2021, he graduated from Ontario College of Health and Technology and received his license to practise as a Registered Massage Therapist!

Jordaine uses a range of treatment techniques including, K-Taping, Soft Tissue Release, General Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, and Joint Mobilization.

Patients love Jordaine for his continuous positivity and restorative personality. He is constantly learning new things. He believes action leads to results.

During his days off, you can catch Jordaine bouldering, doing obstacle runs, playing board games with his friends, and reading.


In office: Wed, Fri, Sun

Nancy Lu

Registered Physiotherapist

Nancy graduated in 2017 from Western University with a Masters of Physical Therapy, and in 2014 from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Honors in Life Sciences, double majoring in biological and nutritional sciences.

Nancy is highly skilled in assessment and treatment; she uses a multi-modal approach for optimal outcomes that includes manual Therapy, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, and therapeutic exercise. She is highly passionate about getting individuals back to what they love doing most, through facilitation of the necessary skills for life-long health and well-being. As an advocate of health promotion and disease prevention, she uses her creativity and keen eye for body movement patterns to create holistic treatment plans with her patients. Given her scientific background, she is interested in the theoretical knowledge of the  functioning of the human body. In particular, Nancy is interested in neck and back pains, shoulder and hand conditions/disorders.


In her free time, you will find Nancy trying new outdoor activities, minimizing her space, and learning how to care for her plants.



low back pain and stiffness disc bulge disc herniation pelvic pain
neck pain and stiffness
upper and mid back pain and stiffness
sciatica hip and leg pain
Rotator cuff tear tendinitis frozen shoulder

Low Back Pain & Stiffness

Neck Pain & Stiffness 

Jammed Fecets

Sciatica, Hip
& Leg Pain, Shin Splints

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Rotator cuff tear tendinitis frozen shoulder
headaches migraines vertigo
Elbow Pain.png
ankle sprain
heel pain plantar fasciitis heel spur

Rotator Cuff Tear/Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder

Headaches, Vertigo

Elbow Pain & Stiffness

Knee Pain, Pateller Famoral Syndrome

Heel Pain/ Plantar Fascitis

pelvic floor pelvic rehab pelvic floor physiotherapy
wrist sprain carpal tunnel syndrome trigger finger
tennis elbow golfer's elbow elbow tendinitis
tmj dysfunction
scoliosis arthritis disc bulge

Sacrum Pain

Wrist/ Hand Pain, DeQuervines

Tennis & Golfer's Elbows

Stress related physical conditions/ anxiety/ depression

Disc Bulge, Scoliosis, Arthritis

The Spruce Wellness Clinic Toronto



Our Massage Therapists uses a wide range of massage techniques to enhance wellness, including but not limited to trigger point release, friction, general Swedish massage, percussion & joint mobilization.




Friction involves force being applied across soft tissue structures. Friction is an effective massage technique used to break up adhesions and help break down car tissue and realign tissue fibres. 



General Swedish Massage Therapy involve soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles, combined with movement of the joints. By relieving muscle tension, Swedish Therapy is meant to relax and increase circulation. 

A trigger point is a hyperirritable spot in your fascia, the connective tissue attached to your muscle. Trigger Points are formed when muscles grow into "knots" due to constant tension. Trigger Point Release targets the hyperirritable location to help manage and prevent muscle pain.



Percussion movements (tapotement) involve a series of light, brisk, striking actions applied with alternate hands in rapid succession. Two of the main percussion strokes are cupping (palm facing down in a curved position) and hacking (the use of the edge of hand) while applying pressure rhythmically up and down in rapid succession. This method is most effective when used on  large muscular areas of the body.


joint mobilization manual therapy

Joint mobilization is a passive technique used to mobilize the joint to varying degrees from small oscillations that aid in promoting joint tissue health and/or to cause a reflex effect in the surrounding musculature to relax and drop in tone.

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